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I am a photographer based in the Washington DC area. I have been shooting commercially for over 30 years. I have shot everything from product to portraits, advertising to annual reports.

My first love was table top studio photography, and I worked for many years shooting product. If you have been in DC for a while you probably remember Garfinckel's department store. We had a blast shooting their seasonal catalogs. Times changed, Garfinckel's closed, some of the other major department stores I shot for took their photography in-house. One thing led to another and I found myself shooting a lot of editorial.

I shot a wide range of stories, from art to antiques, portraits and of course interiors. I spent about 12 years shooting editorial almost exclusively, traveling and working all over the US. I still shoot for magazines, although sadly, some of my favorite magazines have folded and I travel less frequently on assignment.

Which brings me to what I mostly do now. I shoot interiors. I love shooting interiors. My clients are interior designers, architects and magazines. I still shoot product and portraits. This website is a showcase for my recent work as well as some old favorites and things I am interested in and involved with. I have another website as well, dedicated to showing my art work. I make macro images of plants when I am at my home in Spain. I've called the body of work Macrojourney. I am including a link to that site here. Please visit!